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Trustee & Chair to Commitee

Phill was one of the founders & launch team of Oban Pride. As the organisation grew, he became chair of the committee. Phill is originally from Newcastle, he moved to the Oban area in 2010 and fell in love with his surroundings.

Phill has been involved in events planning and performing arts from                   a young age, and has been involved with the LGBTQ+             since he was 18.

Now, not only is Phill the chair and trustee of Oban Pride, but he is also heavily involved in LGBTQ+ outreach work throughout Argyll.

Phill, as chair, also acts as our representative at UK and Scottish Pride Organisers Network meetings.

Phill got involved with Oban Pride as he believes everybody should be free to live their lives as themselves and as the best version of themselves, no matter of their Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Race, Creed or Ability, everybody should be able to be themselves and be Proud of who they are.  



Trustee & Secretary to Committee

After interviewing Crystal on the local radio (Oban fm) Anna joined the Oban Pride Committee in April 2019. 

Anna got involved with Oban Pride as she could see the benefits that Oban Pride would bring to the town, community & the LGBTQ+ Community. 

Anna has a passion in breaking down barriers and raising equality in the LGBTQ+ Community.

Anna is involved in many different groups within the Oban Community and brings a wealth of knowledge to the committee as a member of different groups, as a caterer and business owner. 



Trustee & Production Manager

Jay came to our inaugural Pride in 2019 as a volunteer from Pride Life Glasgow and fell in love with the area.

Jay is an LED Technician in the music industry and brings his knowledge of 'all things production' to Oban Pride.

Jay has also been involved with Glasgow Pride for many years as well as volunteering with many other charities.

Jay feels very passionate about the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ Community.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Ed Bio Photo.jpg



Hi! My name is Ed.
My preferred pronouns are He/Him/His.
I have been a committee member since 22 February 2019 when Oban Pride ran an event to fundraise and announce the dates of its first Pride Weekend (my photograph is taken from that night). It’s a very special charity, with big ambitions, in a beautiful and welcoming part of the world.
Outwith Oban Pride I work as an Occupational Therapist, with a specialist interest in working with people with neurological conditions.
To me, Pride means feeling a sense of belonging with people who accept me for being me: it was not easy growing up gay, but it is so heart warming to see many people of different sexualities, generations and gender-identities being together during Pride. We still have a long way to go and I am proud to be part of something trying to make a positive difference.



Volunteer Co-Ordinator

I became involved with Oban Pride after the wonderful atmosphere of Oban’s first Pride march which I attended with the LGBTQ+ group from Oban High School and other schools in Argyll.

I was blown away by the support and community spirit of that day. Coming from a personal stance of ‘live and let live’,  that day warmed my heart hugely.

I am a Humanist Chaplain with Humanist Society Scotland and felt my training in pastoral care volunteering might be something of use to the Oban Pride community. However being part of the committee has been much more rewarding from a personal point of view than I could have imagined. The group has such a positive outlook and the members are fun and welcoming.

I feel that Oban Pride has a huge role to play in the community – it hopefully sends out a message to everyone and anyone that they can be proud of whoever they are. It not only supports people in the community but is in turn increasingly supported by the community and hopefully this mutual support will continue to grow. I am proud to be an ally of Oban Pride.

Crystal Pink Suit.jpg


Official Hostess

Crystal has been in the entertainment industry as both a Drag Performer and also working as their male counter part since 2004, before this they were involved in am-dram productions playing roles of both genders. Crystal still works in the entertainment industry producing their own Cabaret Shows, doing both lip syncing and live vocals. As well as Cabaret, they also host events from Pride festivals to corporate events.

Crystal has been working with Oban Pride from the very beginning Hosting our events, fundraisers, visiting Oban FM to talk to Teeny and Tiny about our events and even recording trailers for us to advertise our events. 



Committee Member

I joined the committee at the beginning of 2020 and I’m honoured to provide a hand where I can while learning from the team. I’m moving to Edinburgh later in the year to study theatre and film, and I can’t wait to help the committee remotely, to make Oban Pride even bigger and better each year.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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